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Article du Mélanges 1982


HOLEC, Henri

The notion of communcative approach has considerably developed since it first began influencing teaching practise, as teacher-researchers have gradually refined their understanding of the concept of communicative competence.

This article discusses two main aspects of what adopting a communicative approach means nowadays :

a) firstly, it means formulating teaching/learning problems in terms of the uses which speakers make of the language, the "communicative" use being important but by no means the only one ;

b) it also means formulating these problems in terms of language users, that is, of speakers (which in this context means people learning to use the language) who are able to play the pragmatic roles which will allow them to achieve their extra-discursive objectives.

This concept of the language user emphasises the fact that communication is a process, not just a ready-made mould, a process which is not merely mechanical, since it has to be renewed and reconstructed by the participants in every interaction.

The final section of the article briefly describes and illustrates some of the methodological implications of this development.

version complète et imprimable
L’APPROCHE COMMUNICATIVE, CRU 1982 (version en mode image)

version complète et imprimable
L’APPROCHE COMMUNICATIVE, CRU 1982 (version en mode texte)

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